• The Organization will work to create legal awareness amongst Minorities through out Maharashtra and if required at certain places in India.
  • To Establish Information Centers with the help of local co-ordinators in every city of Maharashtra where the service will be provided in regard with obtaining Govt. facilities and redressing the grievances against administration.
  • More emphasis will be given that at least one information center in a city or sub-urban area would have internet facility to be provided at no profit and no loss basis.
  • To get information and initiate others also to get information in regard with schemes and facilities for Minorities regularly through Internet Services.
  • To propagate habit of verification and confirmation about the news published in newspapers in regard with minorities through the internet service.
  • The Organization will promote its co-ordinators to seek information from the public authorities, about the implementation of section 4 of the Right to Information Act, 2005 and section 8 of the Maha. Govt. Servants Regulation of Transfers and Prevention of Delay in Discharge of Official Duties Act, 2005.
  • The Organization will study the statutory provisions meant for Minority in the other States of India out of which the beneficial provisions which are not there in the State of Maharashtra make effort to make provisions of those benefits in the statutory provisions of Maharashtra.
  • To monitor the working of the safeguards of the minorities provided in the Constitution of India and Laws in force.
  • To create awareness amongst Minorities for sending suggestions in connection with the bills to be laid down before the houses of the Maharashtra State and Parliament of India, in regard with Minorities.
  • To inspire and persuade the NGO�s and common people belonging to Minorities to send grievances to the Maharashtra State Minority Commission and watch over constantly whether provisions of the section 10 of the Maharashtra State Minority Commission Act, 2004, are followed.
  • Whenever the recommendations of the State Commission u/s 10 are to be laid down before the House of Maha., inspire Minority section to discuss with the M.L.A�s and M.L.C�s of their constituency.
  • To conduct workshops at various places for inspiring, propagating and promoting the habit of:
    1. How to use the Right to Information Act, 2005.
    2. How to implement the provisions enumerated in the Maharashtra Govt. Servants Regulation of Transfers and Prevention of Delay in Discharge of Official Duties Act, 2005.
    3. To create movement amongst Minority Section for Redressing and representing their grievances online through the websites: e.g.
      1. Centralized Public Grievances Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS).
      2. Prime Ministers Website.
      3. E-mail of the Maharashtra Chief Minister, Mr. Ashok Chavan.
      4. State Human Rights Commission, Mumbai.
      5. National Human Rights Commission, Delhi.
      6. How to make active the Maha. State Minority Commission for the safeguards of minorities and for redressing the grievances of minorities.
  • To create legal awareness amongst Minorities how the benefits meant for scheduled caste should be provided to the Muslims and Christian also.
  • To inspire the Minority Section throughout India for raising peaceful movement so that Articles 29, 30(1) and 350(a/b) of the Constitution of India (meant for minorities) will be as concrete, practical and powerful as Articles 330 to 340 meant for ST, SC, and Anglo Indian.
  • The deserved Muslim OBC candidates are deprived their caste claim even in contravention with the Govt. resolutions and circulars. Hence, to knock the appropriate door.
  • To insist upon the Central Govt. to make amendment in the National Minority Commission for Educational Institutions Act, 2004 for the statutory execution of the order of the Commission.
  • To inspire the Minority Section for raising peaceful movement in regard with rightful provisions to be added or amended in the National and State Minority Commissions as they are there in the other National Commissions.
  • To observe and watch over the execution and implementation of the Prime Minister�s New 15 Point Program, the recommendations of Sachar Committee and National Common Minimum Programme of the U.P.A. Government.
  • To organize camps in every regions of Maharashtra from time to time so that the regional M.P�s, M.L.A�s and M.L.C�s should be acknowledged with the grievances of minorities and discuss how the grievances be redressed.
  • To seek information under RTI about District Wise Wakf Properties of the Maharashtra State and create an Abhiyan for the safeguards of the Wakf Properties.
  • Some saffron brigade bureaucrats have tendency of negligence towards the matters of minorities and intentionally deprive the minorities from their statutory rights on whimsical and flimsy grounds, arbitrarily and practicing abuse of power. Create habit of the acquisition of capacity by minorities to resist authority when abused.
  • It is settled ruling of the Hon. Supreme Court that notification, resolution and circulars of the Govt. against the statutory provision are void and illegal. But, it is experienced that particularly in regard with minorities, the Govt. passes resolutions in contravention with the statutory provisions. Such type of resolution will be challenged in the Court.
  • To establish a legal cell at Mumbai through any organization for filing Writ Petition before the Hon. High Court or the Hon. Supreme Court, in regard with the safeguards of minorities, exploitation and deprivation of the rights of minorities.
  • To provide legal advice when sought in regard with the exploitation and deprivation of the rights of minorities.
  • To seek information and initiate others to seek information monthly, from the District Nodal Officer and the Head Office of Maulana Azad Finance Corporation of Maharashtra, Mumbai in regard with sanction and disbursement of loan.