G.R. and Circular of Gov. of Maha. Having Wrong Ref. of the Court Rulings and other G.R�s.
Due to lack of legal awareness amongst citizens & political people of Minorities, the beaurocrates thrust wrong reference of the Court rulings & other Govt. G.R. only to give undue weightage to the G.R. Hence, we people believe that the G.R. is authentic. e.g. there is a G.R. dt. 18-2-2005 where on its right upper front side it is mentioned that this GR has been issued as per the rulings of the Hon. Supreme Court and for reference some G.R. numbers are given. The organization sought information about the details of the rulings of the Supreme Court and the Govt. Decision. It has been disclosed that all of the references referred in the GR are irrelevant and nothing but an act of deceiving the Minorities. Hence, it is necessary to seek information under right to Information Act about the references mentioned in the G.R. or circular specially in regard with Minorities. Moreover seek also file noting in regard with issuance of the GR. There is another example that the then School Education Minister issued a circular dt. 2-7-2005 that the Minority Schools which have not adopted reservation policy, they will not be liable for claming Minority Status. The School Education Department accordingly with its letter dt. 9-11-2005 informed the director and the Deputy Director to circulate the orders of the minister. On the strength of the said circular, the director issued orders dt. 11-11-2005 to all of the Deputy Directors and copy to District Education Officers.

  1. GR. dt. 18-2-2005.pdf