Rs. 1crore & 68 lakhs to be utilized for Minority are lying dead with the Department of Maharashtra since 19/12/2001 & Rs. 2 crore & 32 lakhs have misappropriated on the head other than Minority for l
The HRD of Central Govt. as disbursed 4 crores rupees to the Govt. of Maharashtra on 19-12-2001 for area intensive program for Educationally Backward Minorities. But the Govt. of Maharashtra did not utilize the amount till 2008. Hence, the organization sent a representation to the various central Govt. Department and National Minority Commission, New Delhi. In regard with misappropriation of funds and other misdeed committed by the state Govt. in regard with area intensive program for educationally backward minority.. It is regret to say that neither of the Central Govt. Department redressed the complaint but converted the complaint into petition and forwarded it to the National Commission for Minority Educational Institution, New Delhi. I am afraid to say that there is no provision for the execution and implementation of the orders of the commission. More over, the orders of the commission do not come under the provisions of contempt of court. Astonishing enough that the Govt. of Maharashtra did not publish about the scheme in the newspapers not issues any circular to its department as disclosed by the letter of the Govt. dt. 18-6-2007.

  1. Lodged Complaint Dated 02-08-2007.PDF