This commission has statutory powers to redress problems, exploitation of minority, the deprivation of minority, Safe Guards provided in the Constitution of India and policies and schemes of the State Govt. for Minorities under section 10 of the Act.
The recommendations of the commission have vital weightage under sub section 2 of section 10 as it reads...�
The Govt. shall cause the recommendations of the Commission to be laid before each House of the State Legislature along with the memorandum explaining the action taken or proposed to be taken on the recommendations and the reasons for non-acceptance, if any, of such recommendations.
An application under RTI was submitted to the commission about the implementation of sub section 2 of sub section 10. It is regret to say that the commission kept mum.
So, It is time for us to send lakhs of letters to commission in regard with implementation and follow them.
It is also time to study the Act, and watch over the activities of the Commission. Each and every Act, in regard with Minority has to be observed by we people.

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