Redressing of Complaints and Making Representation at the State and Central Level.
There is a Government Circular dt. 13-3-1996 stating that any complaint or correspondence made to Government Machinery, Cognizance should be taken within 15 days and it should be redressed within 2 months, Any intentionally neglects the matter or employee makes delay in giving decision, disciplinary action will be taken against him.

Hence, whenever a complaint or correspondence made to the Government Machinery there should be given the reference of this Government Circular and it should be mentioned in the last para that this complaint or correspondence may be considered taking view of the Government Circular. Not only this but copy of the Government Circular should be attached with. After sending the complaint or correspondence use Right to Information Act. Demand in that application that I have sent a complaint or correspondence (for easy reference the copy is attached), on so and so date, please send the attested documents in regard with the action taken against the compliant or correspondence.

If within 2 months your complaint is not redressed or replied then forget the complaint but constantly complain to the superior and superior authority to take disciplinary action on the strength of the Government Circular against the responsible authority.

It is necessary to make aware their duties to the bureaucrats, if we want real democracy in India.

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