Pre-Metric, Post Metric, and Merit cum-means Based Scholarship for Students Belonging to Minorities
The details regarding all of the three scholarships are attached here with. Here it is specifically to be mentioned that with the virtue of an ordinance Stamp Duty is exempted on the instruments of affidavit or declaration made for obtaining Cast Certificate / Income Certificate / Domicile Certificate / Nationality Certificate. Hence, there is no need to make affidavit on non-judicial stamp duty paper. There is a list attached here with about the technical and professional UG and PG Courses covered under merit come means scholarships scheme. There is list attached here with of the institution eligible for full reimbursement of course fee. Region vice Post Metric Scholarships sanctioned for the year 2007-08 for the State of Maharashtra. State-Wise Post Metric Scholarship disbursement during the year 2007-08. State-Wise and Community Wise Distribution of Pre-Metric Scholarship during the year 2008-09. Note: Application for Post Metric Scholarship should be submitted to there institution till 31-10-2008.

  1. Application form for merit-cum mean based scholarship.pdf
  2. Courses covered under Merit-Cum Means based Scholarship.pdf
  3. Government circular for pre-metric scholarship.pdf
  4. List of institutions eligible for full re-imbursement of course fees.pdf
  5. pri Matric scholar ship.pdf