Minority Schemes
  1. Minority Students Attendance Scholarship.
  2. School uniform.
  3. Distribution of Uniform For Minority Permanent No Grant School.13/01/2010..
  4. Central Wakf Council, Scheme and Development of Wakf Property.
  5. Islamic Development Bank.
  6. Maulana Azad Education Foundation and its Schemes.
  7. Free Coaching and Allied Scheme for Minority.
  8. P.M.s New 15 Point Programme.
  9. State level Minority Committee.
  10. ITI Courses for Minorities.
  11. Quality Education in Madarsas 10-2-2009.
  12. Minority Commission Marathi Coaching.
  13. Infrastructure Grants to Minority Inst. (2 lakh) 5-2-2009.
  14. Scheme up to 50 lac Rs. to Minority School.
  15. Minority Linguistic Commission.
  16. Religion wise Population of India 1961-2001.
  17. The National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language. (NCPUL) and its Schemes.
  18. National Minorites Development & Finance Corporation & its Schemes.
  19. Scheme of Financial Assistance for Appointment of Hindi Urdu Lang. Teachers.
  20. Ministry of Minority Affairs Govt. of India.
  21. Maulana Azad National Urdu University. (Distance and Internal Education)
  22. Grant for Minority Populated Area Development Program G.R. dt. 9-2-2009.
  23. Facilities for 90 minority populated districts.
  24. The National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language. (NCPUL) and its Schemes.
  25. Details of Official use of Urdu in the States of India.
  26. Follow up action on sacchar committee.
  27. Memorandum Of Safeguards For linguistic Minorities Issued By The Ministry Of Home Affairs In 1956.
  28. Reservation Policy not applicable to minority Institution in regard with employment. (G.R. Dated 04/05/2009)
  29. Proposal for opening new school (English and Urdu Medium) should be accepted at any time (Govt. Circular dated 07/07/2000)
  30. Minority Population.
  31. Police Training Coaching Classes for Minorities Communities. GR dated 27/07/2009
  32. Minorities Grant - Non Grant Eductional Societies Non-Teaching Staff Routine Policy not to be considered.
  33. Permission to RTI School or centre for each Talukas in Maharashtra dt. 17-08-2009.
  34. Minorities employment based training Program dt. 04/01/2010
  35. Grant for Girls Hostel Rs. 1 Crore to each hostel in Aurangabad, Chandrapur, Nandurbar, Amravati & Parbhani District (Maharashtra).
  36. Infrastructure grant to Minority School for the year 2009 to 2010 released (Maharashtra).
  37. Foundation I.T.I.for Minority students.05/02/2010.
  38. Schemes sanctioned for Minority Populated blocks.30/03/2010.
  39. Rs.2.20 Cr. For Training and publicity of Minority Scheme.30/09/20.
  40. A scheme for providing basic infrastructure facilities private Minority schools and Jr. Colleges affiliate to schools. G.R. Dt.20/07/2010
  41. Scheme for Leadership Development of Minority Women.
  42. Rangnath Mishra Commission Report (Volume-1 and 2).
  43. S.C. Roster is not applicable to Urdu Medium School.
  44. Linguistic Minority Districts.
  45. Linguistic Minority sub districts.
  46. Polytechnic Institute for Minority students, Malegaon, Bhiwandi & Mumbai 3 Crore Rupees grant for each 5-2-2010.
  47. Infrastructure facility to minority populated blocks dt. 9-2-2010
  48. 31/03/2007 Tak Maulana Azad Arthik Vikas Mahamandal Karj Aur Interest Maf.
  49. Grant Rs. 2 Lac to more than 3 schools of a society in a District. (Maharashtra)
  50. List of Class I towns where minority population is 25% or more of total population.
  51. List of CD Blocks where minority population is 25% or more of total population.
  52. List of 251 class I & II towns where minority population is 25% or more.
  53. Number and Proportion of Minority Communities to total Population India/States/District.
  54. If candidates not available from reserved category teachers will be appointed from open category in Urdu Schools.
  55. Employment Oriented Training Program For Minority (ITI) 5-2-2009 (Maharashtra)
  56. Statement Submitted In Parliament & Gazette Regarding 4.5% Reservation for Backward Minority.
  57. Right to Information for All central Govt. Scheme for Minorities.
  58. Minority Representation in selection committee for the Recruitment Cat. C and D
  59. Minority Status.
  60. 4 Crore Rs. Grant received for minorities since 2001 could not be utilized since 2009.
  61. Injustice and Exploitation of the Rights of Minority (Maharashtra)
  62. G.R. and Circular of Gov. of Maha. Having Wrong Ref. of the Court Rulings and other G.Rs.
  63. Grant-in-Aid scheme to provide Basic infrastructure to Minority schools. Dt.17/11/2009
  64. Fee Reimbursement towards Employment Oriented Training Programmefor Minority Community Students.
  65. BPL Ration Card Yateemkhana etc.
  66. T.M.A. Pai Sup. Court Eleven Issues.
  67. Lacuna in Constitution of India in regard with Minorities.
  68. Lacuna in National Minorities Commission in comparison with other National Commission.
  69. Infrastructure Development of Minority Institutes (IDMI)
  70. II Shift in Govt. Polytechnic Institution for Minority Students.
  71. List of 121 districts having a substantial minority population.
  72. Grant for Grampanchayat of Minority Populated GR dt. 14/05/2013
  73. Pre-Training for UPSC / MPSC / 10 /12 failed students of minority.
  74. Nalanda Project for Minorities Higher Edu. Institutions.
  75. Padho Pardesh Interest Subsidy on Edu. Loan for Minorities.
  76. Seekho Aur Kamao Skill Development for Minorities.
  77. Computerization of Records of State Wakf Boards.
  78. Nai Roshni Leadership Development for Women of Minorities.
  79. Support for Students Clearing Prelims UPSC-SSC-SPSC for Minorities.
  80. Maulana Azad Sehat Scheme.
  81. Dr. Zakir Husen Madrasa Modernisation
  82. Minority Dominated Schools Infrastructure Grant (Maharashtra)
  83. To Start new Polytechnic for minorities (Maharashtra)
  84. Second Shift in ITI for Minorities (Maharashtra)
  85. To Start New ITI for minorities (Maharashtra)
  86. To Start Second and third shift in ITI for minorities (Maharashtra)
  87. Area Development , Urban for minorities (Maharashtra)
  88. Area Development , Village for minorities (Maharashtra)
  89. Multi Area Development Program 11th Five Year Plan (Maharashtra)
  90. Police Recruitment Pre Training for minorities (maharashtra)
  91. Marathi Language tution in urdu medium schools (Maharashtra)
  92. Helpline for minorities
  93. Urdu Academy
  94. Urdu Ghar
  95. Haj House
  96. Maharashtra State Waqf Board
  97. Waqf tribunal