O you believe if a rebellious evil person comes to you with a news, verify it, lest you harm people in ignorance and afterwards you become regretful to what you have done.
(Al-Quran: Surah Al-Hujraat, Aayah: 06)

" The Organization Would Never Forget The Initial Cooperation Of Adv. Kundan Pawar, Mr.Aalim Naquvi Mr. Faruque Ansari, Mr.Mohammed Arshad Mr. Habib Fakih, Mr. Naseem Khan and Mr. Shabbir Deshmukh "
The following examples of exploitation of the rights of Minorities caused establishment of the Minority Welfare Organization, Dhule.
  1. The Education Department Govt. of Maharashtra circulated a G.R. dt. 18th Feb., 2005 referring fraudulently the Rulings of the Hon. Supreme Court and four previous G.R�s.
  2. A circular of the Ex-Education Minister of the Govt. of Maharashtra dt. 2nd July, 2005, circulated an order in regard with Minorities in contravention to the Rulings of the Hon. Supreme Court.
  3. There is another G.R. dt. 7th June 2000, which provides exceptional provisions for Minority Institutions, has not been implemented or executed by the competent authorities
  4. The Edu. Dept. of the Govt. of Maharashtra misappropriated funds received from the Central Govt. on 19th Dec. 2000, for providing infrastructure and other facilities to the Minority Institutions While granting recognition to the Primary Schools in Maha. to the Urdu and Marathi Medicine Schools, the Education Department acted in contravention with the provisions of article 14 of the Constitution of India....Read More